Yoga Therapy


Yoga is an ancient science of health for the physical body and balance for the mind and the heart that provides the foundation for the spiritual journey whose purpose is self knowledge. The full potential of Yoga poses or asana can only be realized within the context of self exploration. Yoga as a process, integrates all the different layers of the human being: physical, energetic, emotions and thoughts, inner wisdom and our state of bliss.

“Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.”

(IAYT 2007)

Yoga Therapy Rx is a marriage between Yoga Therapy and complementary medicine. It is a synthesis of the ageless wisdom from the East with the most recent knowledge in complementary health from the West.

Why Yoga Therapy?

It’s a great preventive tool: by educating “your” body to avoid bad movement patterns that eventually lead to specific conditions and by practicing how to make conscious decisions guided by what feels right.

To facilitate healing: Yoga has proven to be helpful to address conditions such us structural aches and pains, chronic illness, emotional imbalances and spiritual challenge.

If you are looking for a fulfilling way to exercise and would like to optimize the experience of Yoga asana: Asana is a rewarding and intrinsically motivating way to stay or become fit. Individual sessions are important in addition to regular Yoga asana classes to ensure you gain the most benefits from the postures safely.

If you wish to improve your health and general wellness Yoga can give you the tools to deepen body awareness and increase the health of your body from its most subtle level of functioning.

If you would like to develop a consistent personal Yoga practice. A real Yoga practice is not limited to the physical aspects of Yoga. Yoga is meant to transform the lifestyle of the individual. When the yoga practice is regular and appropriate, the individual develops a more genuine relationship with itself and therefore with everything else and everyone else. Yoga facilitates this process.

What to expect from a session with Paula?
Prior to the first session, every client is encouraged to fill up a Client Intake Form and a Consent Form available for download on this page. The initial visit may take up to 90 minutes to review your history, perform evaluations/assessments and offer therapeutic Yoga techniques. By the end of your first session, you will receive a home exercise program specifically designed to suit your needs and goals. Regular follow-up sessions are scheduled for 60-75 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Cancellations require a 24hrs. notice before the appointment time.

Some of the standard techniques that are included in Yoga Therapy session include and are not limited to: Breathing, Static and Dynamic Movement, Postures, Visualization, Meditation, Mantra, Sound and Nidra.

In addition, some of the tools that Paula offers are:

  • Athletic Training
  • Functional Movement & DNS(Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)
  • Dance, Barre & Pilates
  • Aerobics and Cardio Conditioning
  • Weight lifting
  • Swiss Ball Techniques
  • Foam Roll Techniques
  • Sound and music therapy, among other healing arts.