Yoga Shawl

The Yoga Shawl Story

I spent my first years in a little island called Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, Chile, which I consider one of the most paradisiac places on Earth. Throwing rocks on the Strait of Magellan while whale watching, I had some of my favorite memories with my brother and sister. To keep us warm through the rough Chilean winter, my mom used to knit for us using llama’s hair.

Deep within the native South American Indian communities of Los Andes Mountains, expert artists and weavers have been making textiles for centuries. Passing down the cultured techniques and traditional skills from generation to generation, they have perfected their craft making some of the most beautiful textiles in the world.

The Yoga Shawl has been naturally processed with a dazzling array of colors. It is infused with the loveliness and splendor of the people in the Indian villages over 3500 meters above sea level. Their heart, soul and energy goes into each Yoga Shawl that is offered to you. In exchange, we support these communities and our seva project is to donate 10% of the profits to feed people across the globe.

Smooth and delicate to touch, the basic raw material for the shawl is obtained from llamas making an amazingly fine wool that is 3 times stronger and 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool. Easy to carry and practical for special occasions to everyday day use, every Yoga Shawl is beautifully handmade, so you will never find two that are exactly the same. Your Yoga Shawl will be special and unique just like you.

Yoga Shawl makes me feel at home. It takes me back to that place where I feel loved, taken care of, supported and warm. It reminds me of those delightful years in the island and I would like to share that experience with you whenever you need it, whenever you want it. By offering the yoga shawl, I am sharing a little piece of my home with you.

Thank you for visiting my page and being part of this story.

Paula Tapia
Founder of the Yoga Shawl Project